Ember Saturday in Pentecost

Saturday 6 June 2009
Ember Saturday in Pentecost
1st Class, Red
Gloria; Seq.; Credo; Preface of the Holy Ghost (hodierna die)
Proper Communicantes; Proper Hanc igitur
kneel at Veni Sancte Spiritus during Alleluia verse
Octave of Pentecost ends after None


Méntibus nostris, quæsumus, Dómine, Spíritum Sanctum benígnus infúnde : cujus et sapiéntia cónditi sumus, et providéntia gubernámur. Per Dóminum... in unitáte ejúsdem Spíritus.

Let us pray.

O Lord, we pray thee, that thy Holy Spirit, who doth preserve us by his wisdom and govern us by his providence, may by thy mercy be poured forth upon the hearts of us thy servants. Through... in the unity of the same Holy Ghost.

(image: Australia Incognita)

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