"L'Année Liturgique" by Dom Prosper Guéranger, OSB

Cardinal Manning opens his introduction to Dom Guéranger's "L'Anée Liturgique" with an acknowledgment of the spiritually justified fame, both in France and England, of Dom Guéranger, the Abbot of Solesmes. The volumes in question make available in English, a work which 'is truly Benedictine in aim and spirit'. His Eminence then makes a comparison between the Dominicans and the Benedictines. The former, he says, have been scientific theologians and are called to 'cry aloud in the streets as preachers'. The latter have a 'more tranquil mission within the walls of the sanctuary and on the steps of the altar'. 'The Liturgical Year' is the fruit of the fruit of this distinctive vocation.

The work is an extended meditation on the the Liturgy that has developed around the Presence of Christ. The Calendar of the Church shows us daily, 'the supreme worship of the ever blessed Trinity, in the communion of the Saints'. Through it we catch a glimpse of Heaven and Dom Guéranger has given wonderful help to those who love 'this prelude of a better world'. The Cardinal concludes in admiration of the beauty of Dom Gueranger's spiritual commentary and in appreciation of Dom Shepherd's careful and patient work of translation.

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