St Augustine on Psalm 95

Advent is most frequently seen as a time of hopeful expectation of Our Lord's coming as the Infant in the Manger. Whilst it has a penitential aspect, we sometimes overlook its deep links to eschatology and end-things. In a Podcast from last Sunday, Fr John Zuhlsdorf, of What Does the Prayer Really Say? explains St Augustine's views on the subject, particularly in his commentary on Psalm 95:-

Our frequent guest St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) drills into a couple verses of Ps. 95(96) in his Enarrationes in psalmos 95, an excerpt of which is in in the Office of Readings in the Liturgia horarum for this 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time in the newer calendar.

We are moving quickly to the end of the liturgical year. Therefore Holy Church is more and more focusing our attention on the Four Last Things, death, judgment, heaven and hell.

I don’t want to go to Hell for eternity. Do you?

Augustine and I give you some tips on how to avoid that nasty end.

Folks, we are going to die and be judged, the Lord will come again, whether we ask Him to or not.

His mercy is ours for the asking.

Click on the link to go and listen to the Podcast:-

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