Notes on the General Preface, pt. iv

DG's stated purpose is to open up the Spirit of the Church to a faithful who have largely lost touch with it. To this end:

1. While noting that there had been, in his own time, an increased devotion both to Our Lord and Our Blessed Lady, he will include the Saints of the Roman Calendar who deserve our respect and reliance.

2. Aside from the Roman liturgy however, judicious reference and quotation will appear from the following liturgies: Ambrosian, Gallican, Mozarabic, Greek, Armenian and Syriac.

3. The plan of each volume will to a cerain extent be dictated by the liturgical content of the season in question. Minute rubrical detail will not be included. The essence of this will be explained by means of a commentary directed specifically at the enlightenment of lay understanding..

4. The volumes will conform to the wishes of the Holy See and refrain from a literal translation of the Ordinary and Canon of the Mass, but will for the laity who have no Latin, make comprehensible the priest's words and actions at the Altar.

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