The Laity and the Divine Office: Link to Jane's Advent book

Towards the end of the Introduction to my first book, (Gardening with God: Light in Darkness, 2002) I wrote the following:

"The benefits to lay people of praying the Office are manifold. It deepens our understanding of daily Mass and brings a myriad of insights, blessings and knowledge; it is the prayer of the Universal Church, and to participate in it shows solidarity with her and increases our sense of membership of the Body of Christ; and it offers us the chance of adding, by supererogation, to the store of merit at the Church's disposal."

When I wrote these words I was not familiar with Dom Guéranger's vision of reclaiming the Liturgy, and in particular the Divine Office, for the laity. Now, rather eerily it feels as if he may have been 'looking over my shoulder'. As Confiteor recently said, 'There are no co-incidences with God'. Several of my spiritual friends have their own terms for such phenomena: 'God's Telepathy'; 'The Divine Jigsaw'; 'God-incidences'; 'Confluences'; and of course Cardinal Newman called them 'God's little providences'. But whatever we call them there is no doubt in my mind that they happen. Too many have occurred in my life, particularly this year, for me to believe otherwise.

Some time ago Mark suggested to me that there may be a way of incorporating relevant extracts from my books into this site as we proceed through the Liturgical Year. I agreed in principle but wasn't sure how this could be done. I now think that the best way is to direct readers to my other 'Gardening with God' blog for extra reading in support of what is here on ITSOA.

To this end I have posted there today, a brief introduction to the inspiration and format of my books and will commence posing relevant extracts as soon as possible. See sidebar for access link. It's also accessible in the same way from my original French Oasis blog.


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