Notes on the General Preface, pt. vi

Poetry in the Sacred Liturgy

"Poetry is the only language adequate to the sublime thouht which is to be expressed....."

" sings on earth the mysteries of heaven, and prepares us for the canticles of eternity."

Where and what is this poety?

1. In the songs of David and the Prophets which are the foundation of a great part of the Litugy

2. In the Church's own song which she contributes as the seasons turn and turn again.

3. In the diversity of contribution from many different languages

4. From Sedulius and Prudentius to Adam of St.Victor in the west and from St Ephraem to the latest Orthodox hymnologists in the East

5. In the prose which bears the characteristic measure and rhythm of Poetry

Dom Guéranger concludes his General Preface first by commending his task to the assistance of the Holy Spirit, and begging that his readers do the same. His final paragraph submits 'L'Anée Liturgique' to "soverign and infallible judgement of the Holy Roman Church, "which alone is the guardian both of the Words of eternal life, and of the secret of Prayer".


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