Notes on the General Preface, pt. v

Liturgy as Divinely inspired Drama

'Liturgy produces a drama, the sublimest that has ever been offered to the admiiration of man.'

1. It is a constant re-showing of God's unfolding plan for our salvation.

2. Of himself man could never have devised the Liturgy.

3. It repeatedly recognises eternal realities; it is vigourous and endlesss

4. It tirelessly repeats its 'yes' to God.

5. Each year it remembers in sequence every Act of God from the Creation to the sending of the Holy Spirit.

6. It returns us to the beginnings of the Faith, including as it does, chosen Writings of the Apostolic age, Acts of the Martyrs, Decrees of Ancient Councils, Writings of the Fathers.

7. The repetion of this annual Divine Drama does not pall. On the contrary, with every succeeding year, it is ever-new, forceful, enlightening and impressive.

8. This power of renewal is a mystery of the Holy Spirit who constantly breathes life into Liturgy He has inspired.

9. Through this divinely inspired Liturgical drama, man makes holy the hours spent in worship of God, During the year every doctrine, every truth of the Faith is presented with the following results in the soul:

a) knowledge of the Faith increases and with that spiritual life increases and is deepened.
b) faith is illumined; theological understanding begins
c) Contemplation of the Mysteries, whilst they remain as such, become increasing attractive
d) Year by year, the soul makes progress in faith, hope and charity
e) 'the formation of Christ within us' is the result of our uniting with His mysteries.
f) It endows a special grace and 'and the new man gradually grows up'.

10) Human beings need examples and these are given in the lives and writings of the saints.

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