Fasting and Abstinence

Fast and Abstinence according to the Discipline of 1962

Laws of Abstinence
  • Complete abstinence is defined as abstaining from meat and soup or gravy made from meat.
  • Partial abstinence is defined as allowing meat and soup or gravy made from meat, only once a day at the principal meal.
  • Abstinence applies to all those over seven years.
Laws of Fast:
  • On the days of Fast, only one full meal is allowed, two other meatless meals are allowed in addition to the principle meal but the total quantity of food for these two small repasts should not equal the amount taken at a full meal.
  • Partial abstinence is required on all days of Fast, except on days of complete Abstinence.
  • Eating between meals is not permitted though liquids may be taken.
  • Days of Fast apply to all those over 21 and under 59 years of age.
  • Laws of fasting and abstinence are not binding on those with medical conditions or those whose ability to work would be impaired.
  • There is no obligation for fast or abstinence on a Holy Day of Obligation even though it may fall on a Friday.
(excerpted/adapted from the 2009 Liturgical Ordo, Priestly Fraternity of St Peter)


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