Spiritual Bouquet for Papa: URGENT UPDATE

Attention ITSOA, Pro Papa League, Oasis readers, contributors and followers..........

As reported earlier our last Spiritual Bouquet was delayed for various reasons. Two have been returned to me as undelivered and there is grave doubt that the other two ever reached Papa. I had prepared a composite up to Epiphany and it includes 834 Rosaries. Due to the short time scale, I have taken the unilateral decision of asking Fr. Byers to add them to his tally (see top of sidebar on my Oasis blog). Father is chaplain at the Sanctuaries in Lourdes and there is no doubt that knowledge of our offerings will reach our Holy Father through his initiative.

Two important points:

1. For any offerings you have made since Epiphany, please add to Fr Byers' tally by following the link on the sidebar to the left of this post.

2. I'm negotiating with Fr Byers, for a special Pro Papa League/ITSOA pool at "bloggingLOURDES". That way all our past offerings other than Rosaries can be added this time as well.

And for the future this will be a much less time consuming way for us to make sure that Papa knows we are answering his plea for out prayers.

I will keep you posted about developments and in case you do not all sees this communique, I will try to alert as many of you as possible through your blogs or emails.

In the meantime, please spread Fr. Byers' initiative amongst your own contacts. This may be a way to get those million Rosaries I suggested earlier on.

The language in the last para. of the Secretariat of State statement, makes it clear just how much his Holiness knows the need of our prayers.

Pray, pray, pray for our Most Holy Father Benedict.

God bless all here.

In Christo pro Papa,


Confiteor said...

Jane, I don't see the link to Fr. Byer's blog. I'm still making my daily morning offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the intentions and the person of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Jane said...

Thanks, Top of sidebar on OASIS (see first para above)

Thanks for the offerings. Will go on keeping a tally unless and until Fr Byers sets up something permanent for us on bloggingLOURDES.
btw all contributing PPL ships have hat tip on his poll page, scroll to the list after voting.

There's an option for Masses so our Chaplain might like to go with this. Fr Mark's are already on.
Will do update post on Oasis later today.

God bless,