Dom Gueranger: Extract from his prayer to St. Joseph

"O sublime minister of the greatest of blessings, intercede for us with God made Man. Ask him to bestow Humility upon us, - that holy virtue which raised thee to such exalted dignity, and which must be the basis of our conversion.......Get us this virtue, without which there can be no true penance. Pray for us, O Joseph, that we may be chaste. Without purity of mind and body, we cannot come nigh the God of all sanctity, who suffers nothing defiled to approach him. He wills to make our bodies, by his grace, the temples of his holy Spirit: do thou, great Saint, help us to maintain ourselves in so exalted a dignity, or to recover it, if we have lost it.

"....O Faithful Spouse of Mary! recommend us to our Mother. If she cast a look of pity upon us during these days of reconciliation, we shall be saved: for she is the Queen of Marcy, and Jesus her Son, will pardon us and change our hearts, if she intercede for us, O Joseph! Remind her of Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazareth, in all of which she received from thee such marks of thy devotedness. Tell her, that we, also, love and honour thee; and Mary will reward us for our devotion to him that was given her by heaven as her protector and support."

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