notes: Passiontide

Notes for the Liturgy during Passiontide

1. The last two weeks of Lent form the season called Passiontide. During this time all crucifixes and sacred images are veiled in violet. In Masses of the seasons, the Psalm Judica me is not said at the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, and there is no Gloria Patri at the Asperges, Introit or Lavabo.

2. On Friday in Passion Week, two Masses of the Seven Sorrows may be said (Gloria, Sequence, commemoration of the feria) where devotions to Our Lady of Sorrows are held. The Psalm Judica me is said, and Gloria Patri at the Introit and Lavabo.

3. On Psalm Sunday red vestments are worn during the blessing and procession, violet vestments at Mass. There is no Asperges. Palms are blessed before Mass. The Mass begins with the Introit or incensation if following the procession, omitting the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, and the Last Gospel is not said. At other Masses, the Last Gospel is proper.

4. All the days of Holy Week are privileged ferias of the first class, which cannot be superseded by any feast; nor are commemorations permitted. At all Masses from Palm Sunday through to the Easter Vigil inclusive, the entire verse "Orate fratres...Patrem omnipotentem" and its response ("Suscipiat...") are said in a clear voice, after singing has stopped.

5. The Holy Thursday Mass is to be celebrated in the evening between the hours of 4.00 and 9.00pm. The tabernacle must be empty. Enough Hosts must be consecrated today for both Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The bells are rung and the organ played during the singing of the Gloria and are thereafter silent. The washing of the feet, or Mandatum, may take place after the Gospel. The Communicantes, Hanc Igitur and Qui Pridie are proper; the Preface of the Holy Eucharist may be used. The appendices of some Missals also contain a proper Preface for Holy Thursday. Agnus Dei...miserere nobis is said three times. Before Communion, the prayer Domine qui dixisti is omitted. Benedicamus Domino replaces Ite Missa est. There is no final blessing and no Last Gospel; instead there is a Procession to the Altar of Repose, during which Pange Lingua is sung. Thereafter the Altars are stripped, during which Psalm 21 is chanted; the Altars are stripped of everything except Cross and candlesticks. (These are removed before the morning Offices of Good Friday.) Vespers is omitted for those who assist at evening Mass; Compline is proper with Psalms being those of Sunday. The Blessed Sacrament must be venerated at the Altar of Repose until midnight.

6. On Good Friday the liturgy of the Commemoration of the Passion and Death of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ takes place. This liturgical action takes place about 3.00pm, and in any event before 6.00pm. The Altar is completely bare, without Crucifix, candles, or Altar cloths. After adoration of the Holy Cross, and until the beginning of the Easter Vigil, all genuflect before the Cross on the main Altar, but only during liturgical services. Otherwise, all bow to the Altar. Again, Vespers are omitted for those who assist at the evening service. Compline takes the Psalms of Sunday. Good Friday is a day of fasting and abstinence.

7. Vigil of Easter: during the ceremonies before the Easter Vigil Mass, violet vestments are worn; white vestments are worn for the Procession and Exultet, renewal of baptismal promises, and the Mass itself. The Mass itself begins with the Kyrie; Bells are run and the organ sounded during the Gloria. A threefold Alleluia is sung after the Epistle. No lights are used at the Gospel, there is no Creed, and no Offertory verse. The Preface of Easter (in hac potissimum nocte), proper Communicantes and Hanc Igitur are used, but there is no Agnus Dei and no kiss of peace. Domine qui dixisti is again omitted. After Communion, a shortened form of Lauds is sung, and thereafter Ite Missa est, Alleluia Alleluia. There is no Last Gospel. Compline, Matins and Lauds of Easter Day are omitted for those who assist at the Paschal Vigil.

(excerpted/adapted from the 2009 Liturgical Ordo, Priestly Fraternity of St Peter)


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