New Liturgical Year

A new liturgical year is almost upon us. This coming Sunday is Advent Sunday.

This year we will, again, focus on 1st and 2nd Class feasts, drawing on material compiled last year. Whether this blog is able to continue after November 2010, the net result of a further series of posts will result in all 1st and 2nd class Feasts being covered, including those inhibited by Sundays (and vice-à-versa) last year.

However, this year rubrical directions will focus on the Breviary - the prayer of the Church - and in particular commemorations, and which Office to say when. Points to note will be indicated in brackets.


A reminder:
One of the authors of this blog intends to retire from blogging by Spring 2010. If you have time to help out with this blog, and see it continue, please leave a comment, or email markadm at catholic dot org.

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Joyful Catholic said...

Happy "New Year!" resolution: To grow more in "Faith, Hope & Love" and holiness.