January 1st: Dom Gueranger on First Vespers of The Circumcision of Our Lord Pt. I

"Today, the Son of Man is to be circumcised; this first sacrfice of his innocent Flesh must honour this eigth day of his mortal life. Today, also, a Name is to be given him - the Name will be 'Jesus', and it means 'Saviour'. So that, Mysteries abound on this day: let us not pass one of them over, but honour them with all possible devotion and love................

"There is another object, that shares the love and devotion of the Faithful, on this great Solemnity. This object is Mary, the Mother of God. The Church celebrates, today, the august prerogative of this divine Maternity, which was conferred on a mere creature, and which made her the co-operatrix with Jesus in the great work of man's salvation."

"Psalms and Antiphons

Antiphon: O admirable Interchange! The Creator of mankind, assuming a living Body, deigned to be born of a Virgin; and, becoming Man without Man's aid, bestowed on us his Divinity.
Psalm 109 '..celebrates the Kingly character, the Priesthood, and the sovereign Judgeship of our Emmanuel, and implies consequently, the wonderful dignity of her who gave him Birth.'

Antiphon: When thou wast born ineffably of the Virgin, the Scriptures were fulfilled. As dew upon Gedeon's Fleece, thou camest down to save mankind. O Lord our God! we praise thee.
Psalm 112: '......contains the praise of God who exalts the humble, and gives the joys of maternity where nature has refused them; it announces, with an air of triumph, the glories and the maternity of Mary, Mother of God, and Mother of men.....'

Antiphon; In the bush seen by Moses as burning yet unconsumed, we recognise the preservation of thy glorious Virginity. O Mother of God intercede for us.
Psalm 121 '....The last three psalms chant the praises of Jerusalem, the City of God - the symbol of Mary, who is 'the City of God.....'

Antiphon: The Root of Jesse hath budded; the Star hath risen out of Jacob; a Virgin hath brought forth the Saviour. O Lord our God! we praise thee.
Psalm 126

Antiphon: Lo! Mary hath brought forth a Saviour unto us, whom John seeing exclaimed: Behold the Lamb of God! Behold him that taketh away the sins of the world, alleluia.
Psalm 147

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