Saint Francis Xavier

Wednesday 3 December 2008

In celebration of today's saint Abbot Guéranger includes a long prayer for his intercession and protection during Advent. He prays for 'the vast empire of China, 'on which thou didst look while dying, but which was not blessed with thy preaching'; for Japan, 'thy dear garden.....may the blood of the Martyrs which was poured out on that land like water, bring it the long expected fertility'; for the Mission of the Church and for new apostles. The prayer concludes by asking St. Francis Xavier to intercede especially for his brothers, the 'Holy Society' of Jesuits, that it may 'more and more flourish under the storm of trial which never leaves it at rest; may it be multiplied, so that the children of God may be multiplied by its labours; may it ever have ready, for the service of the Christian World, zealous Apostles and Doctors; may it not be in vain that it bears the name of Jesus.'

See Gardening God Blog link for further reflections on St. Francis and the Japanese Maple which I chose in his honour.

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