Dom Gueranger on the Octave of the Epiphany

"The only Octaves during the year, that are superior to this of the Epiphany, are those of Easter and Pentecost. It has a privilege, which the Octave of Christmas does not; for no Feast can be kept during (it), unless it be that of a Patron of first class.....It would even seem, judging from the ancient Sacramentaries, that, anciently, the two days immediately following the Epiphany were Days of obligation, as were (those following) Easter and Whitsuntide. The names of the Stational Churches are given, where the Clergy and Faithful of Rome assembled on these two days.......

"In order that we may the more fully enter into the spirit of the Church, during this glorious Octave, we will contemplate, each day, the Mystery of the Vocation of the Magi............"

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