January 7th: Dom Gueranger on the Second day of the Epiphany Octave

Dom Guéranger identifies the Magi as the heralds of the conversion of all nations; as "Fathers of the Gentiles in the faith of the Redeeemer2 ; and as "Patriarchs of the human race regenerated".

"They arrive at Bethlehem, according to the tradition of the Church, three in number; and this tradition is handed down by St. Leo, by St. Maximus of Turin, by St. Cesarius of Arles, and by the christian paintings in the Catacombs of Rome, which paintings belong to the period of the Persecustions............

"They come to Bethleham, and they are followed by countless generations. In them, the figures (from the Old Testament) become the grand reality...."

Dom Guéranger follows this with a prayer to Jesus and with an exhortation that we should now contemplate a selection of "Hymns and Prayers of the several Churches in praise of the Mysteries of the glorious Epiphany".

"We take the three following solemn prayers from the Gregorian Sacramentary:

The first is as follows:

" O God, the enlightenment of all nations, give thy people to enjoy perpetual peace, and infuse into our hearts that shining light, which thou didst enkindle in the minds of the three Magi."

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