January12th: Dom Gueranger on the Seventh day of the Epiphany Octave

The ancient tradition that the Magi were baptised by St. Thomas the Apostle, and thereafter devoted themselves to preaching the Gospel, probably dates from about the close of the 6th century. Dom Gueranger tells us that it 'is put in all the editions of St. John Chrysostom as quoted from the author of 'The Imperfect Work on St. Matthew'.....

Extracts from today's commentary:
"The Relics of these holy Kings were translated from Persia to Constantinople, under the first christian Emperors, and, for a long time, were kept in the Church of Saint Sophia. At a later period, they were translated to Milan............. There they remained unti the 12th century, when, through the influence of Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, they were translated to the Cathedral Church of Cologne by Reynold, Archbishop of that metropolitan See."

From Dom Guéranger's prayer to the Magi for their intercession:

"Thus have we followed you, O blessed Magi! Fathers of the Gentile-world! from your first setting out from the East for Bethlehem, to your return to your own country, and even to your sacred resting place................Watch over us, and protect the Church. Be mindful of those Eastern countries, whence rises to the earth the light of day, the beautiful image of your own journey............. Bless this western world of ours, .........Faith has grown weak among us; re-enkindle it. Obtain of the divine mercy, that the West may ever send forth her messengers of salvation....... Pray for the Church of Cologne, ......may she preserve the faith, may she defend her sacred rights and liberty; may she be the bulwark of Catholic Germany, and be ever blessed by the protection of her Three Kings..............Lastly we beseech you, O venerable Magi! to introduce us to the Infant Jesus and his blessed Mother; and grant us to go through (Christmastide) with hearts burning with love for the Divine Child, and may that same love abide with us during the pilgrimage of our life on this earth."

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