January 9th: Dom Gueranger on the Fourth day of the Epiphany Octave.

I have been called away and therefore only have time for a brief extract from Dom Guéranger's own prayer for today. I dedicate it especially to Fr Mark Kirby in thanksgiving for his daily guidance towards the Light, that is Vultus Christi.

"O dear Jesus! we also are following thee; we are walking in thy light, for thou hast said, in the Prophecy of thy beloved Disciple: 'I am the bright and Morning Star.' (Apoc. 22:16) The meteor that guides the Magi is but thy symbol, O divine Star!..................

"May thy light ever beam upon us! May we like the Magi, be obedient to its guidance, and ready to leave all things in order to follow it! We were sitting in darkness when thou didst call us to thy grace, by making this thy light shine upon us. We were fond of our darkness, and thou gavest us a love for the Light! Dear Jesus! keep up this love within us. Let not sin, which is darkness, ever approach us. Preserve us from the delusion of a false conscience.........May thy Star guide us through life, and bring us to thee, our King, our Peace, our Love!" Amen

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