Dom Gueranger on the Second Sunday after Epiphany: Pt. 2

"It is on the Wedding-Day that the Bridegroom gives his Name to his Bride, and it is the sign that, from that day forward, she belongs to him alone. The Church, therefore, would honour the Name of her Divine Spouse with an especial Feast, and no day could be more appropriate for it than this of the Marriage at Cana.

"The first promoter of the Feast was St. Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444). (He) established the pracice of representing the Holy Name of Jesus surrounded with rays, and formed into a monogram of its three first letters IHS*. The custom spread rapidly and was zealously propagated by St. John of Capestrano (1386-1456) who, like St Bernadine, was of the Order of Friars Minor....In the early part of the 16th century Pope Clement the Sixth.....granted to that Order the privilege of keeping a special Feast in honour of the Most Holy Name of Jesus..... In the year 1721, at the request of Charles the Sixth, Emperor of Germany....,Pope Innocent the Twelfth decreed that the Feast.....should be kept throughout the whole Church; he also chose the Second Sunday after Epiphany as the day."

*Translator's note: The Name was, anciently, often written 'Ihesus'.

Extracts from Vespers for today's Feast, will follow in the next post.

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