notes: Season after Epiphany

Notes for the Liturgy during the Season after Epiphany

1. On the fourth class days, one may say the Mass of the preceding Sunday, the Mass of any of the Saints commemorated (with Gloria), the Mass of any feast listed in the Martyrology for the day (with Gloria), Mass for the Dead, or any votive Mass.

2. Church Unity Octave: January 18th to January 25th inclusive for the intention of the unity of the entire Catholic Church. On January 18th, a fourth class Votive Mass of the Chair of St. Peter may be celebrated for the opening of the Octave. (The Mass is that of the feast, February 22nd, except that the Gloria and the Creed are omitted, and a commemoration of St. Prisca is added at low Mass only.)

3. February 2nd: the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a feast of the Lord of the Second Class. Before the main Mass, there is a blessing of candles and procession. The celebrant wears a white Cope, the ministers wear a white dalmatic and tunic. Following the procession, Mass begins immediately with the incensation and the Introit, omitting the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. Candles are lit and held during the Gospel and throughout the Canon. Beginning February 2nd, the Marian antiphon at the end of Compline is Ave Regina Cœlorum until Wednesday in Holy Week inclusive.

4. February 3rd: traditionally there is a blessing of throats with two candles blessed with the special blessing found in the Rituale Romanum.

(excerpted/adapted from the 2009 Liturgical Ordo, Priestly Fraternity of St Peter)

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